Pedro Abrego Velasco

Pedro Abrego Velasco is the founder of Mesón Txistu and Asador Donostiarra.

He is the eternal smile, the tireless dedication and the love who made others happy through his legacy. Perseverance is his flag…

A personal history and values that will always remain in our home.

Curro Romero

“Pedro is a very generous and affectionate man. He is a true friend”

David Beckham

“He is an amazing person and always open to everyone. He is the kind of person anyone wants to be with”

Gaspar Rosety

“Ever-present, generous, especially close, always with a smile on his face. An exceptional businessman and an extraordinary person”

Roberto Carlos

“Pedro has always treated me with respect and affection. I feel the deepest admiration for him”

José Moro

“I have always admired his dedication and passion for his work. He has been and will always be a reference for me, personally and professionally”

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