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The settlement

This hall was the great settlement that our home had. Borned in 1986, it was (excluding our last renovation on summer 2016) the most ambitious project since our inauguration. 

Two cellars that gave us the chance of looking after to our wines in order to offer them in a perfect state of humidity and temperature.


The cellar on the picture is, without any doubt, our most exclusive cellar.

We  can find in it champagnes such as Dom Perignon,  Krug de Le Mesnil, Bollinguer RD, Bollinguer Vieilles Vignes,  etc.

French wines as de Chateau Haut-Brion o Petrus, and national wines such as Vega Sicilia Único and Rva. Especial, Malleolus de Sanchomartín, Gran Arzuaga, Aurus or Terreus.


Our favorite hall for the wine lovers. A view that perfectly matches with the taste from our dishes. 

Surrounded by two cellars in one single panorama that make us fall in love with such as laborious and romantic culture as the wine industry is.

OUR cellars

Our cellars are perfectly conditioned at 14º and a humidity of 70%. It has a capacity for more than 5.000 bottles.

This are essencial characteristics to enjoy of an exclusive selecction of the best national and international wines.


For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on anamurias@asadordonostiarra.com  and/or download the following PDF document on the link behind.

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