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Where it all began

It is the “oldest” and bigger hall of the restaurant. Borned in 1976, the size was only half of the actual dimension. More than 43 years later, it is still one of the favorites halls for our guests. 

This hall has seen us grown, mature, and of course, work with a lot of love and passion. 


The Donosti Hall is the one that has more pictures on their walls. Pictures from celebrities but also, from those who have passed through our home and made us felt in love with them.

No success would had been possible without those people which we love to name as “our family”. 

Salon Donosti


Our hall has a big variety of environments, from the most private to the most exposed.  

They are separated with screens and “stores”. We can find spaces like the one on the image on the left, where you can enjoy a pleasant round table visit for up to 9 guests.


The haldrail on the ” Paseo de La Concha” of San Sebastián, brings a touch of personality and elegance to the hall that transports us to the heart of Donosti. 

The haldrail separates the different ambiences that we familiarly call “Altillo”. A slightly more elevated and private space that preserves the essence and atmosphere of the Donosti Hall and the Basque’s culture. 


For any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on  and/or download the following PDF document on the link behind.

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